What is the cutest Zelda character?

While some people play Legend of Zelda games for the rich lore, and others play for the reactive combat, a distinct group plays for the engaging characters. There are certain characters in the Zelda franchise that thrill us, urging us to prioritize their quests above all else. Here are the cutest Zelda characters of all time.

Top 5 Cutest Zelda Characters, Ranked

5- Pipit (sword to the sky)

Image by Professional Game Guides

Pipit is the kind of upper class that all new students love. He’s kind, smart, and easy on the eyes. In Skyward Sword, there’s an entire subplot about her admirers, only enhancing her cute appearance. You can’t lie, we also had a crush on him when we were younger. Pipit assists Link in the early hours of the game, acting as a mentor always ready to offer helpful advice. Even though some characters come and go, Pipit remains forever in our hearts.


Picture via Nintendo

In every entry into the Zelda franchise, the princess herself has been a force for good. She seeks to make the world a better place, and that optimism is endearing. Zelda may be burdened with great responsibility, but she still persists, refusing to loosen her grip on hope. Her design is gorgeous, and no matter what game she appears in, Zelda has a noble grace to her.

3- Sidon (Breath of nature)

Picture via Nintendo

Sidon is such a charming character, with his enthusiasm and playful smile. He’s also six-foot-nine, and we love tall kings. Sidon beams with happiness and is a breath of fresh air to talk to. He’s Prince Zora, so if ever the Royal Family is looking for a princess, we hope they contact us.

2- Link

Picture via Nintendo

We can’t get enough of the loud, quiet guy. Link can only speak in “hyah!” » and « ha! but we know that he truly expresses his undying love for us. Link is a man on a mission to save Hyrule, defending the weak and downtrodden from their captors. With Link by our side, we can rest easy knowing that we are safe from harm.


1- Give

Picture via Nintendo

Mipha is a Zora princess with the sweetest heart. She heals Link over and over again, allowing him to continue fighting for a peaceful world. Mipha may have a soft voice, but her compassion transcends words. His short stature is adorable, especially compared to his younger brother Sidon. While we’ve long been rooting for Link and Zelda to fall in love, Mipha’s kind heart might just change that.

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