What is the Haunted Chocolatier? Release date, gameplay, platforms, and more

What is the Haunted Chocolatier

Haunted Chocolatier is a game developed and published by ConcernedApe, a studio led by Eric Barone, the creator of Stardew Valley. Eric Barone has revealed very little about Haunted Chocolatier since the game was announced in October 2021. We’ve rounded up everything we know about the game so far. The amount of information revealed by Eric Barone in his blog posts can be overwhelming when you combine them all.

Everything we know about Haunted Chocolatier

The game will put players in charge of a chocolate factory, and it is an action RPG. Eric Barone is working on this game alone and has no intention of involving anyone else. He said he will most likely get some help porting and localizing the game when it’s almost done. For now, Eric Barone isn’t sure if there will ever be multiplayer, but he’s not ruling anything out.

Players will be in charge of a chocolate factory and a factory. During the game, the player will be responsible for building the factory and working with the locals. Building a factory and interacting with the locals will be the player’s responsibilities during the game.

The player appears exceptionally wealthy with a butler, a huge mansion, a factory, and his own shop.

Is there a release date for Haunted Chocolatier?

No, there is no release date for Haunted Chocolatier. Eric Barone has been working on the game since 2020, and this is just one of many he’s been working on. He was very open to the fact that it could be years before Haunted Chocolatier is released.

What platforms is Haunted Chocolatier released on?

Haunted Chocolatier will release on all major platforms, but it will release on PC first. Eric Barone intends to bring it everywhere, but it will take time.

Will Haunted Chocolatier finally be released on consoles?

Yes, Haunted Chocolatier will eventually release on consoles other than PC. Eric Barone is 100% certain it will be on PC, but he has “every intention” of bringing Haunted Chocolatier to consoles.

Is Haunted Chocolatier coming to Switch?

Yes, Eric Barone said he had “full intentions” of bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch, like all other major platforms.

Is Haunted Chocolatier a sequel to Stardew Valley?

No, Haunted Chocolatier is a game in itself. Eric Barone said in a tweet that he doesn’t want the game to be based on Stardew Valley and vice versa, but he’s sure there will be Stardew Valley nods. This does not mean that they are not part of the same universe.

Does Haunted Chocolatier take place in the same universe as Stardew Valley

Eric Barone said he’s not at the point where he can reveal anything. Based on his tweets, it’s clear he doesn’t know how much of Stardew Valley will be in Haunted Chocolatier. There’s no way to tell if they happen in the same universe.

What does Haunted Chocolatier gameplay look like?

Although we don’t know the story, the gameplay resembles Stardew Valley. As you progress through the game, you will get to know the townspeople, complete your goals, and progress in different ways. There are many similarities between Stardew Valley and all of that. The core gameplay and themes are quite different though. Compared to Stardew Valley, Haunted Chocolatier is a more action-oriented RPG. Instead of a farm, your efforts are centered around a chocolate factory.

Will Stardew Valley still get updates?

Stardew Valley is always getting updates. Eric Barone hasn’t announced anything about stopping his Stardew Valley updates, although it may take a while as it has to spread among other projects.

Will Chucklefish release Haunted Chocolatier?

Chucklefish will not publish Haunted Chocolatier. Additionally, Chucklefish ceased publishing Stardew Valley and all publishing rights reverted to Eric Barone. It doesn’t look like they’ll be releasing any Eric Barone games in the future.

Haunted Chocolatier Trailer

Here is the trailer released by Eric Barone.