What is the legendary rule in Magic The Gathering?

Legendary cards are some of the most powerful cards in Magic: The Gathering. Some decks like Dihada, Binder of Wills almost exclusively include legendary creatures, due to their strength. Since legendary cards are so effective, it might seem odd that players don’t fill the battlefield with multiple copies of their most powerful legendary cards. This is due to a feature known as the Legendary Ruler. Here is an explanation of the legendary rule in Magic: The Gathering.

What does the legendary rule mean in MTG?

Image via Wizards of the Coast

The legendary rule means you can’t control more than one legendary card with the same name at a time. This rule applies to creatures, planeswalkers, artifacts, enchantments, and even lands. If you try to play a Legendary card already under your control, you must sacrifice one of the two cards with the same name. This can be used tactically, like playing a duplicate legendary creature to get rid of an enchantment.

This is one of the reasons players don’t usually include four copies of a legendary card in their deck. If you draw two copies of a legendary creature like Old Stickfingers, one of those cards is essentially useless unless Old Stickfingers dies or is afflicted by an enchantment. To avoid this, many players include one or two copies of each Legendary card, to avoid overcrowding.


How do you know if your card is legendary?

the glorious rebirth cards of kitt kanto and primevals, with the legendary tag highlightedImage by Professional Game Guides

To check if your card is legendary, look at the line of text just below the image. If the card is Legendary, it will contain the word Legendary before the card type. For example, if it is an artifact, it will say “Legendary Artifact”. If it is a creature, it will say “Legendary Creature”, and so on. On non-legendary cards, this area will only show the card type. Legendary cards will always be rare or mythic rare, meaning they have a silver oval at the bottom of the printed card. If your card does not have this reflective oval, then it is not a Legendary card.

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