What is Victoria 3? Gameplay, story and trailers

The Victoria series needs no introduction for fans of the grand strategy genre, but newcomers to the series or the genre may have reservations or questions. Keep reading below to see everything we know about Victoria 3 and its relationship to previous titles in the series.

Everything we know about Victoria 3

Victoria 3 combines tactics, economy and social aspects to create a promising grand strategy game. Create and lead your society in the 19th century and compete against other powers on the map. Upgrade your society to outlast others, engage in diplomacy, or eradicate your rivals as you see fit in Victoria 3. Here’s everything we know about Victoria 3.

What is the release date of Victoria 3?

Victoria 3 will be released on October 25, 2022. You can follow the official Victoria 3 Twitter for more information and updates on the title.


What platforms will Victoria 3 be released on?

Victoria 3 will be available exclusively on PC. As previous titles weren’t ported to consoles, it’s likely that Victoria 3 will remain on PC as well.

Should we play Victoria 1 and 2 before Victoria 3?

Ultimately, you don’t need to play Victoria 1 and 2 before playing the third entry in the Victoria series. However, the previous two titles offer an exceptional strategic experience, especially Victoria 2. Also, although the gameplay is largely similar, there are some differences that make playing the first two games before or after is worthwhile.

As for the story, there is no real story mode in the Victoria series, so you won’t miss that aspect. Much of what you can expect to be different is the graphics and gameplay details.

Trailer Victoria 3

You can check out the Victoria trailer for yourself by heading over to the Paradox Interactive YouTube channel. Besides that, there are also various preview videos showcasing the gameplay.

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