When is the Phasmophobia Apocalypse update coming out?

The Phasmophobia Apocalypse update will include new maps, fuse boxes, loadout options, ID cards, and more. The official release date for this update is September 27 at 12:00 BST and looks to be one of the biggest updates in the game’s lifetime. One of the new maps is expected to have a restricted release of itself to separate into five smaller cards for players to play on. This is all the information available for the Apocalypse update for Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia Apocalypse Official Release Date

The update is expected to be released on September 27 at 12:00 AM BST, which means it will be released on September 28 at 4:00 AM PST and 7:00 AM EST. Many previews and previews of the game go back to May from the dev previews on the Game News page. More updates are planned for the last quarter of 2022 and things like new player models, gear, locations and challenges planned for 2023.

All new in the Phasmophobia Apocalypse update

That’s all that appeared in the trailer for Phasmophobia’s latest update:

  • New maps
    • Sunny Meadows – A mental institution that should work similarly to the Asylum map.
    • Sunny Meadows Restricted – A division of the Sunny Meadows map split into five smaller maps.
    • Camp Woodwind – A small variant of the campsite map.

  • New features
    • Custom Difficulty – A fully customizable difficulty that can change player and ghost stats as well as contract details for each survey.
    • New main menu
    • New hall room
    • New shop
    • Equipment Loadouts
    • Ghost Changes/Adjustments
    • Identity cards
    • Collectibles
    • Reporting system
    • New fuse box
    • Player Stats
    • New interactive objects
    • New sounds

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