Where can I get Song of Temptation Lost Ark?

As you travel across continents in Lost Ark, you’ll learn various pieces of music on your travels. These can be important for everything from opening secret doors to improving your rapport with NPCs, both of which can be very lucrative. But the further you go in the game, the less obvious this partition becomes. So where to find Song of Temptation in Lost Ark?

Where to find Song of Temptation Lost Ark?

If you’re trying to rush to the early continents, it can be easy to miss some of the more interesting and useful rewards tied to the Adventurer’s Tome. Because while some of these elements can be disabled, others, like partitions, are crucial. If you’ve been through Yudia this way, that’s why you’re missing this one. You will find Song of Temptation as a reward for completing 50% of Yudia’s Adventurer’s Tome.


It is quite easy to reach 50% in Yudia without much effort, especially if you have exceeded it. The continent only has two areas, so running around and finding the monsters is fast. Doing that, collecting the triports, and completing both easy and hard mode dungeons should pretty much get you over the line. Especially since it should also reward you with plenty of collectibles that also count towards it. Also note that raising Thunder Relation to Trust will give you the ritual food ingredient, crucial to crafting the rain ritual food which is also required for your tome.

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