Where is the motel in Roblox Greenville?

Where is the motel in Roblox Greenville?

The Motel is a building in Roblox Greenville that players can visit when they need a break from the busy life of a small town. All players can claim their own motel room for free, granting themselves a scenic space. The motel can be hard to find, but it’s located not too far from the used car dealership where players spawn.

When launching Greenville, follow the steps below to find the motel. These stages start at the used car dealership spawn area.

Step One: Exit the used car dealership and turn left. The direction you are turning should approach the circular roundabout.

Second step: taking the roundabout, skip the first two turns. You must take the third turn at the roundabout to travel in the correct direction to the motel.

Where is the motel in Roblox Greenville?

This path will lead to a long stretch of highway, lots of green grass and some farmland. One landmark you will pass is the Top Dog Painting building.


Third step: Go straight until you reach a stop light. At the stop light, turn left. Turning left, you should immediately see the motel in sight. Continue on this road until you reach the motel. Turn left as you approach the motel and find a place to park your vehicle.

To claim a motel room, enter the motel and find an unclaimed room. To claim one for yourself, simply approach the door. Press forward to pretend you’re running for the door to claim it. After a second or two, your Avatar will enter the room and you will have claimed your own motel room.

In Roblox Greenville, anyone can drive, make new friends, and choose from many professions like State Patrol or DMV Worker. With each new update, Greenville increasingly simulates Wisconsin, providing more opportunities for a fun role-playing experience.

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