Where to find Ajilenakh Nuts in Genshin Impact

Sumeru’s deserts are dry and hot, but they’re not short of water. Amid the rolling dunes, occasional oases can be found, serving as tiny pockets of respite in an unforgiving landscape. These oases are often accompanied by plants that look like palm trees, which drop Ajilenakh Nuts if attacked. Come join us as we describe where you can find Ajilenakh Nuts in Genshin Impact.

Where are Ajilenakh Nuts in Genshin Impact?

Here is a map of Ajilenakh nut spawn locations. They often grow in clusters around bodies of water and often hang from Athel trees. To quickly gather some of these materials, teleport to the waypoint northeast of the Carouse Dune, and there’s an oasis with six Ajilenakh Nuts right next to the waypoint. Another prime location is found by teleporting to the waypoint south of Dar al-Shifa, then walking west to a large lake. Here you can find seven of the materials around water.


Where can you buy Ajilenakh Nuts in Genshin Impact?


You can buy Ajilenakh Nuts from the Azalai Merchant in Aaru Village, who sells them for 240 Mora each. He only has 10 of these materials in stock at a time, but he restocks every other day. There are currently no cooking recipes that use this ingredient, although it is listed as a cooking ingredient in the player’s inventory, so it’s likely that a few recipes will be announced in the near future.

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