Where to find all Gordo Slimes in Slime Rancher 2

You will find various slime subspecies in the world of Slime Rancher 2. In addition to their regular form, these creatures also exist in hybrid and gathered states. Gordo Slimes are huge versions of regular slime species and are in limited supply. Feeding these creatures will cause them to explode and open a path to perhaps a portal or secret area. Here is a guide listing all Gordo Slime spawns in Slime Rancher 2.

All Gordo Slime locations in Slime Rancher 2

We have divided this list into three different regions of the game:

  • Rainbow Fields: The area next to your ranch or The Conservatory.
  • Ember Valley: The island west of Rainbow Fields.
  • Starlight Strand: The island south of Rainbow Fields.

All Gordo Slime locations in Rainbow Fields

  • Gordo of phosphorus
    • Diet: Fruits
    • Favorite: Cuberry (Feeding a Gordo Slime his favorite food will make him explode faster)
    • Leads to: Pod
  • Cotton Gordo
  • pink throat
    • Food: fruits, vegetables, meat
    • Favorite: None
    • Leads to: Portal to the Valley of Embers


All Gordo Slime locations in Ember Valley

  • Gordo Rock
  • crystal gorget
    • Diet: Vegetarian
    • Favorite: Odd Onion
    • Leads to: Nowhere
  • Gordo tabby
    • Favorite: Stony Hen
    • Leads to: A second portal to Rainbow Fields
  • Batty Gordo
    • Diet: Fruits
    • Favorite: Pomegranate
    • Leads to: The Lava Field area
  • Boom Gordo
    • Diet: Meat
    • Favorite: Heather Hen
    • Leads to: two capsules

All Gordo Slime Locations in Starlight Strand

  • Honey Gordo
  • Hunter Gordo
    • Diet: Meat
    • Favorite: Roostro
    • Leads to: Pod
  • Ring-tailed gordo
    • Food: fruits, vegetables and meat
    • Favorite: None
    • Leads to: A second portal to Rainbow Fields
  • Fisher Gordo
    • Diet: Meat
    • Favorite: Sea hen
    • Leads to: Nowhere
  • Floating Gordo

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