Where to find Brealeos World Boss in Lost Ark

The elemental giant Brealeos is one of the world bosses you will encounter while playing Lost Ark. It is on Frostfire Island to the west of the mainland of Shushire, circled in red on the map below. This island is an adventure island, which means that it is only open according to the Procyon compass schedule.

Brealeos is a relatively strong world boss, so you’ll want to be at least item level 1385 before deciding to fight him. Next to Moake and Aurion, Brealeos is a great boss to challenge once you hit level 3.


How to defeat Brealeos World Boss in Lost Ark

Brealeos may be strong but it’s not really unique. It has several attacks which we have described below and which you will have to pay attention to during the fight:

  • 300 degree slam
    • Brealeos performs a slam attack that affects most of the area around him minus his back.
  • Frostfire Meteors
    • Boulders will fall from the sky and mark the ground beforehand, making them a bit easier to dodge.
  • Charge
    • Brealeos will charge forward but you can see exactly where in the red skill box in front of him. Just make sure to try to avoid this attack.
  • 160 degree slam
    • Another partial slam, this time Brealeos will leave a little more room for players to dodge the attack.
  • Punch down
    • Brealeos chooses a play to send a flurry of punch attacks.
  • Football
    • The boss will choose a player again and charge towards them, slamming their fists into the ground.
  • hand beams
    • The boss will raise his arms and thrust them forward to fire an elemental beam at players.
  • ice blast
    • Brealeos will charge up an ice attack and release it 300 degrees around her. During this time it would be best to stay at the back to avoid damage.

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