Where to find Lullaby Island in Lost Ark

Lullaby Island is one of the many islands you will come across while sailing the oceans of Lost Ark. You will be able to find this one specifically east of East Luterra in the Singing Sea. A more detailed map is shown below.

Distribution of Lullaby Island


The island itself has several collectibles and rewards that you can get on your own.

  • Chicken seeds
  • Lullaby Island Token
    • You can get this token from an RNG chest obtained by doing the island co-op quest, Secret Entrance, and Magical Melody. The quest requires you to return to the island at particular times, as indicated in Procyon’s Compass, so you can play the Resonance Song alongside other players.
  • Island Quests
    • The forest where the fairies sing
      • Rewards: 4 Deep Sea Coin Chests and 4 Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouches
    • I can hear you
      • Rewards: x3 Rare Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Bags and x40,000 Silver
    • It’s okay, Miss Fairy
      • Rewards: Song of Minuet of Forest and Chest of Deep Sea Coins x8
    • An isolated and secret area
      • x3 Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch, Unusual x6 Legendary Card Pack, Vitality Increase Potion, 85 Gold & 40,000 Silver
  • Una’s Task
    • A boy’s dream
      • Tier 1 – Rewards: x5,000 Silver
      • Tier 2 – Rewards: x7,000 Silver
      • Tier 3 – Rewards: Kindness Potion, Crafting Recipe: Large Rethramis Style Fountain, and x14,000 Silver

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