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The main objective of Saints Row is twofold: expand your illegal empire and earn money doing it. Unlike previous series, the reboot introduced a sometimes confusing new wrinkle called Criminal Ventures. These are fronts that act as new ways to boost your passive income and unlock access to all the secondary content the game has to offer.

After the mission from the very beginning of the game “A Piece of the Action”, you will unlock access to JimRob’s Garage, the first Criminal Venture (CV). Although at this particular stage you will only be able to do the associated quest line; you will not be able to increase its value yet. Eventually though this is your main way to make some fast money.

This guide will walk you through how to access more Criminal Enterprises through the Criminal Empire table and share tips on some of the more opaque mechanics that get CVs buzzing, like making threats. We’ve also included a full list of Crime Adventures, when they unlock, and their completion rewards.

How to unlock the criminal empire table

To unlock the ability to invest and upgrade Criminal Ventures, you will need to access the Criminal Empire table at Saints HQ. This will unlock at the end of the “Networking” mission. From here, you’ll be able to create new businesses based on your overall empire level, check the progress of your current businesses, and view rewards and missions for all resumes, locked and unlocked.

To view rewards and assignments for companies you have already placed, simply click on the resume on the map and a map will appear on the left side of the screen. To view the rewards and missions of those you haven’t placed or unlocked yet, select and clear a space on the map, then choose one of the CVs that appear from the menu on the left side of the screen.

How Criminal Enterprises Work in Saints Row

By spending your money to build more businesses across Santo Ileso, you increase your cash flow. You will need to periodically check your phone (in-game menu) and open the Cash app to transfer your passive income to your total cash amount. You will steadily increase the amount of passive income in a district and, by association, in all of Santo Ileso by completing CV tasks and eliminating threats.

Each time you build a Criminal Enterprise in a Neighborhood, the map will fill with five brass red icons. These threats are sometimes necessary to complete a business, other times not, but completing them will still increase your cash in an area. They’re easy to complete and great to do once you’ve unlocked a new business for the first time.

Note that not all of the activities required to run a business will contribute to your passive cash flow. For example, stealing cars for JimRob is a secondary activity that does not increase your income, but it is necessary to complete JimRob’s garage. Alternatively, building a Shady Oaks Clinic is the only way to play the fan-favorite mini-game about insurance fraud. You must complete all Insurance Fraud locations on the map to complete Shady Oaks, but in this case it also rewards you with greater cash flow. Saints Row is very inconsistent when it comes to explaining the rewards and requirements of this system.

Criminal Enterprise Rewards and Requirements

There are three levels of crime adventures, as well as a final endgame adventure. Higher tiers cost more to build but will reward you with higher payouts. Each becomes available after completing specific missions, and each has its own specific rewards for completion. We have defined all the mission requirements and rewards for you below.

  • Jim Rob’s Garage [Tier I]
    • How to Get: Complete ‘Piece of the Action’.
    • Completion Conditions: Collect 11 rare vehicles in sequential order and deliver them to JR.
    • Rewards: $30,000, 5,000 XP, JimRob Crew Outfits, JimRob Attrazione Vehicle, JimRob Statue HQ Collectible.
  • Chalupacabra [Tier I]
    • How to Get: Complete ‘Networking’.
    • Completion Requirements: Steal four food trucks and bring them to Chalupacabra.
    • Rewards: $30,000, 5,000 XP, Chalupacabra Crew Outfits, Taco Suit, Chalupacabra Sign HQ Collectible.
  • Elimination of a bright future [Tier I]
    • How to Get: Complete ‘Networking’.
    • Completion Conditions: Hunt down 13 trucks full of toxic waste and transport them carefully to Bright Future.
    • Rewards: $30,000, 5,000 XP, Bright Future Crew Outfits, Toxic Waste Truck, Hazmat Suit, Toxic Waste Barrel HQ Collectible.
  • Shady Oaks Medical Clinic [Tier I]
    • How to Get: Complete ‘Networking’.
    • Completion Requirements: Complete all six Insurance Fraud side activity slots.
    • Rewards: $30,000, 5,000 XP, Shady Oaks Crew Outfits, Scrubs Suit, Shady Oaks Sign HQ Collectible, Responder Vehicle, Kickstand (Crowbar Visual Mod), Guitar Case (Rocket Launcher Visual Mod).
  • Kraken Castle [Tier II]
    • How to Get: Complete “The Dustmoot”.
    • Completion Requirements: Complete “The Warrior Rod”. Turn on the Dustlander beacons. Next, meet the Loremaster.
    • Rewards: $30,000, 5,000 XP, Dustlander Crew Outfits, Dustlander Suit, Dustrider Vehicle, D20 Collectible.
  • Eurekabator! [Tier II]
    • How to Get: Complete ‘Drawing Heat’.
    • Completion conditions: test 3 gadgets, then talk to Chloe
    • Rewards: $30,000, 5,000 XP, Eurekabator! Crew Outfits, Eurekabator! Crew Uniforms, Hoverboard Trophy, Eurekabator Smock, RTP 62-8S Prototype.
  • Laundry [Tier II]
    • How to Get: Complete ‘Drawing Heat’.
    • Completion Requirements: Complete all six Cleanup Crew activities and talk to Winston.
    • Rewards: $30,000, 5,000 XP, Laundromat Crew Outfits, Interstellar Phone Booth, Laundromat Van.
  • Wuzyerz Depot [Tier II]
    • How to Get: Complete ‘Drawing Heat’.
    • Completion Requirements: Complete all seven rounds.
    • Rewards: $30,000, 5,000 XP, Wuzyerz Crew Outfits, Wuzyerz Thompson Helicopter, Wuzyers Tow Truck, Wuzyerz Repo Yard Sign HQ Collectible.
  • Spike [Tier III]
    • How to Get: Complete ‘Body of Evidence’.
    • Completion Requirements: Take photos of at least 14 advanced materials, then talk to Edith.
    • Rewards: $30,000, 5,000 XP, state-of-the-art crew outfits, state-of-the-art mantle, state-of-the-art Fabulous vat.
  • The Great [Tier III]
    • How to Get: Complete ‘Body of Evidence’.
    • Completion Requirements: Complete six Mayhem activities and report to Sgt. Vicar.
    • Rewards: $30,000, 5,000 XP, The Big One Crew outfits, Nuke mount, Maximillian vehicle.
  • KAKTS Radio [Tier III]
    • How to Get: Complete ‘Body of Evidence’.
    • Completion conditions: First, win wave battles against each of the rival gangs. Then use the wingsuit to plant jammers on each of their radio towers.
    • Rewards: $30,000, 5,000 XP, KAKTS Radio Crew Outfits, Cactus Bat, KAKTS Radio Van, KAKTS Radio Tower.
  • First Strike Dojo [Tier III]
    • How to obtain: Complete ‘Bon cop/Bad cop’.
    • Completion Requirements: Complete all five Protection Racket activities. After the last one, you will have to defeat the “Master” of Final Fist.
    • Rewards: $30,000, 5,000 XP, First Strike Crew Outfits, First Strike Gi, First Strike Saguaro, Training Dummy.
  • Let’s pretend [Tier III]
    • How to obtain: Complete ‘Bon cop/Bad cop’.
    • Completion Requirements: Complete 10 Heists, then meet Joannie Utah.
    • Rewards: $30,000, 5,000 XP, Let’s Pretend Crew Outfits, Spacesuit, Piñata Launcher.
  • Planet Saints [Tier III]
    • How to obtain: Complete ‘Bon cop/Bad cop’.
    • Completion conditions: Hijack 12 trucks from the Bianca Colomba company. Next, talk to Saint Roosevelt.
    • Rewards: $30,000, 5,000 XP, Planet Saints Crew Outfits, Saints Attrazione, Saints Grandad, Saints Oppressor, Planet Saints Pedestal, AI Driver Feature.
  • Tower of Saints [Final Tier]
    • How to Get: Complete all story missions and build all 14 crime adventures. At this point, you will be able to unlock the tower for $8 million.
    • Completion Requirements: N/A (You’re almost done!)
    • Rewards: You can now access the secret final mission, “Let’s Build a Skyscraper”, and upgrade your criminal empire to Empire level 5.

And that’s all you need to know about Criminal Ventures. For more comprehensive information on Saints Row, check out our guides on where to find all weapons and guns in Santo Ileso, or head over to our skills guide to find out which skills are best to use for a game. .