Where to find Omnium Star 4 in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, there are tons of collectibles to find and redeem for rewards. Among these collectibles are those called Omnium Stars. You can only start collecting them quite late in the game, so if you haven’t heard of them, don’t worry! To find Omnium Star 4, you will need to access the continent of Punika. To do this, you must have a minimum item level of 1340 at level 3.

In order to find the location of the fourth Omnium Star, you will need to head to the docking area just outside of Punika.


How to get Omnium Star 4 in Lost Ark

When you reach the Punika Wharf, you’ll want to search for the Spearfish Hunting Guild Ship. It won’t always be outside of Punika but when you see it, you’ll immediately want to interact with it. Going through the inventory, you will notice that you can exchange 8,016 Sun Coins for this Omnium Star.

You can get Sun Coins exclusively on the Punika continent. They can be earned by completing island quests and sea co-op events, though many of these types of events can also award players Pirate Coins instead. The most efficient way to get Solar Coins is to find and open a Deep Sea Coin Chest.

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