Where to find Omnium Star #7 in Lost Ark

When playing Lost Ark, you will come across many different collectibles that you can trade for a variety of things. While players are more familiar with Mokoko Seeds, later players will be familiar with Omnium Stars. You can only start collecting this after reaching an item level of 1100 and completing the main questline of Punika.

In order to get Omnium Star 7, you will need to complete the main quest line in South Vern which requires you to be at item level 1340 to start.

How to get Omnium Star #7 in Lost Ark


This star needs a bit of work before you start.

Image via The Lost Ark Codex

  • Complete the main questline on the continent of South Vern.
    • This will give you access to the quest titled Become a Member of the Knights of Magick Scholar Jeneca in Origins of Stern in Arthetine, as listed above.
  • Once completed, you will gain access to the Chaos Line dungeon in the Bellion Ruins, as shown below in red. You will also receive two protection tokens needed to enter the dungeon.

Image via The Lost Ark Codex

Once the above is completed, you will be able to start the quest titled I Must Protect. It will be given to you by Professor Farhat directly outside the Chaos Line dungeon. At this point you will then want to complete the dungeon until you get the random star.

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