Where to find Sol Grande World Boss in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has several different in-game items that help players get tons of rewards and skills. One of these items is World Bosses. One of the toughest world bosses you can encounter is Sol Grande, a huge robot that can be found on Alteisen Island, as shown below in red. Being one of the toughest, you’ll need to be at least item level 1040 before fighting him. This makes Sol Grande ideal for players battling through Tier 2 content in the game.

You’ll also need to look for this boss in your in-game calendar when you want to fight to find it. Since this island is also an adventure island, you will need to ensure that it is open according to the Procyon Compass schedule. This will be the best way to keep track of the world bosses you’ve fought and those that remain.


How to defeat Sol Grande World Boss in Lost Ark

Sol Grande has several attacks that players will need to be wary of. We have listed them all below:

  • Airstrike
    • Sol Grande will start circling and sending missiles. If you pay attention to where the missiles land, you will be able to dodge them.
  • earth and book
    • Sol Grande will slam the ground with his hands and attack anyone in front of him. Getting to his back will be the best course of action here.
  • Charge
    • Sol Grande will charge directly into a red rectangular area in front of her. Just stay away to avoid getting hurt.
  • Side slam
    • The boss will clap both hands and leave explosive footprint areas. There are two areas to watch out for, so stay away during this attack to avoid double damage.
  • bomb throw
    • Sol Grande will select a random player and throw a bomb at them. Players will only have to watch the direction of the bomb in order to dodge it.
  • Tourbillon
    • The boss will do a 360 degree attack and turn around.

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