Where to find the escape song in Lost Ark

As you play Lost Ark, you’ll notice that you learn a lot of different songs along the way. One in particular is the Song of Escape. This song allows you to escape from the dungeon or area you are currently in at any time, making it critical. Luckily, this one is the easiest to get in all of Arkesia. All you need to do is complete the main story quest which will eventually require you to complete the Legends and Fairy Tales quest in Prideholme. There will be a point in this quest that asks you to play the song, tying it to this character.


How to find the escape song in Lost Ark

In order to actually use the song once found, you will need to press F2 on your keyboard. This will bring up the full list of songs you’ll learn throughout the game. These songs can be linked to any of the buttons on your shortcut bar at the bottom of the screen for much easier access. This is recommended as you will soon find yourself using the Song of Escape for most scenarios.

One of the most common uses is to quickly escape raids or dungeons after completing them. You will be able to leave quickly and recover everything you fought for.

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