Where to find the Gulag Entry Token in Call of Duty Warzone

Where to find the Gulag Entry Token in Call of Duty Warzone

After introducing the lootable perk pouches, the developers at Raven Software are adding other similar features to Call of Duty: Warzone. With the Season 3 Reloaded update, the game is getting a brand new loot item: the Gulag Entrance Token.

How to Get Gulag Entry Token in Warzone Pacific

Gulag Entry Tokens appear randomly when opening Supply Boxes and can be acquired by players who do not already carry one. It is available in the regular Battle Royale and Mini-Royale game modes on the Caldera and Rebirth Island maps.


How to Use the Gulag Entry Token in Warzone Pacific

As the item name suggests, the Gulag Entrance Token grants you access to the Gulag where you can fight a 1v1 battle and win it to earn your freedom and redeployment in the match. While all players get a Gulag attempt on their first death, they must be redeemed if they are eliminated again later.

Equipping a Gulag Entry Token you’ve found as loot will allow you to enter the Gulag more than once, even if you’ve exhausted your first guaranteed attempt. This token, however, is only effective until the Gulag is active and you get a cash reward for picking it up or carrying it during the endgame.

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