Where to find the UFO in Saints Row

When playing Saints Row with a friend or solo, you can explore areas of the map instead of just pursuing objectives and completing missions. Free roaming can help you uncover several hidden mysteries of the game and unlock special rewards. One of these mysterious objects, a UFO replica, is located in the Rojas Desert area and here’s how to find it.

UFO location at Saints Row 2022

The UFO is located in the northern region of the Rojas Desert near Twin Coyote Arcade. This area is in the northeast part of the map and inside the territory of Kavanagh County. Once you reach your destination, locate the shack to the left of the Twin Coyote Arcade building. Enter the cabin and you will find a UFO replica inside.


Although you won’t be able to interact with the UFO, your visit to the Twin Coyote Arcade won’t be completely wasted. You can do the following three things in the area:

  • Twin Coyote Shooting Gallery – Behind the archway, you’ll find a shooting range with multiple hidden and exposed targets. Shoot all 15 targets to unlock rewards including cash, XP and The Star God Blaster mod for the KA-1 Kobra pistol.
  • Twin Coyote Fast Travel – You can unlock the location fast travel point by clicking on an image of the structures as shown in the image above.
  • Alien Mask – Pick up this special headgear from the gift shop next to the arcade for $5,400.

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