Who is Ballistic in Apex Legends? Release date and leaked abilities

Since the release of Apex Legends, a new character is added to the roster each season. Many of these legends have been leaked, especially in recent seasons. The latest captions to be released were part of a big leak that potentially included the next caption for season 16.

The leaks turned out to be fairly accurate confirmed by the release of Vantage, Newcastle and Catalyst. Although their abilities differ from the leaks, their character models and season release dates have been predicted.

According to the leak, the next character to be released is Ballistic, the Apex arms dealer. Ballistic was named Caliber in previous leaks, but the latest leaks changed his name but kept the same abilities and character model.


Ballistic release date in Apex Legends

According to the leak, Ballistic is expected to be the next legend in season 16. Season 15 ends on February 14, 2023, so season 16 is expected to release on the same day or the next day.

Ballistic Abilities in Apex Legends

Ballistic brings a unique set of abilities to Apex Legends as an arms dealer. Here are the abilities Ballistic should have. These abilities are subject to change and have not been confirmed by Respawn.

Passive: Weapon Slingshot

Ballistic is capable of carrying three weapons in its arsenal. The catch is that the third weapon cannot be equipped with attachments and is tied to its ultimate ability. The weapon can be used like any other weapon but requires another interaction button to equip.

Tactics: Smart Ball

Smart Bullet is a projectile attack that can weaken enemies, causing their weapons to overheat. If weakened players fire their weapon too much, it will overheat, dealing damage and causing a reaction.

Ultimate: Weapon Amplifier

Ballistic’s Ultimate buffs nearby teammates with faster reloads, faster unarmed movement speed, and infinite ammo. Ballistic will also equip and upgrade their third weapon, turning it into a fully equipped gold weapon.

Ballistic’s abilities seem like a dream come true for players who enjoy pure firefights. Not only should Ballistic have a kit that will rival the shooting strength of Vantage and Rampart, but his ultimate ability can greatly benefit the team.

The ballistic leak seems legit, but there’s always the possibility that the upcoming character will be changed. Back in Season 4, a character named Forge was brought up and leaked as a new Legend, only to be killed off and replaced by Revenant. Catalyst was the last legend to be leaked, however, his abilities were different from those suggested by the leak.

If Ballistic is the next planned Legend, players should see him in Apex Legends in Season 16, which is set to kick off on February 14, 2023.

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